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Saturday a group known as the supercars chicago made a treck out to Byron Dragway. Weather was great and cars were fast. There were quite a few cars in out group from supercharged vipers, nitrous vipers, motor vipers, Crazy Lexus, Supras, Mercedes, Lightning, etc....

The highlights included are....
SMS racing implemented a new Nitrous setup on Butch the Snake's car, on a new motor. With only 2 passes on this car with nitrous (a small about 200shot) the car went [email protected] with a less than perfect 1.65 60' (ET streets). This car/driver has been solid in the 1.5 60' with this car. Butch had other obligations and thus had to leave so the car didn't get its 9 that day, but will shortly. We slapped the street tires back on and I drove the car on motor to see what it would do with a average driver. I have never launched a viper at the drag strip (or from a stop even). I managed, on one pass, a [email protected] (short shifting at 5500rpm) with a 1.99 60'. This sort of shows the driveability of this car. And in the hands of Butch, there are low 11's on the street tires on motor. We are very pleased with this combo and will keep everyone updated with out 2 new nitrous setups as we perfect them.
Other highlights:

HOLD TIGHT (aka John W) in his 1998 GTS with just Headers and Exhaust got a new personal best of [email protected] on street tires (pretty damn good for a basically stock car)

Issac 2002 GTS matched a personal best of [email protected] on street tires with a 150 shot

Mike D took his brothers 1997 GTS to a 12.02 on the first pass

Chris T has a Lexus that pretty much destroyed SW's old record for a SC300 Lexus. Chris pulled a best ET of 10.18 and a best speed of 141 mph. Not bad for a luxury car huh

A street tire supra doing 136mph traps was with us

the Supercharged Viper (paxton blower) could not hookup at all on those 19" wheels. Was trapping in the 128mph

Mercedes E55AMG bone stock hit a [email protected]

and my lightning grabbed a 12.8 with a 1.8 60' (tires are done, spinning in second)

This is just a small recap with pics and vids to follow.

SMS Racing

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Hold tyte, Awesome numbers my man! I still think you should have tried a few more runs, I think you would have gone faster. We have to get to the track one more time before the season ends. I might give up trying to get my car down the track on street tires with the 150 shot. It's starting to get scary as hell!


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Great day for all there, SMS provided lunch and facilities for working on and tweaking engines, thanks. All cars except one were driven to and from track and all but two ran on street tires. Nobody broke at the track, one casualty on the way home, failed cooling fan, no Vipers broke at all. Thanks to Chris T. for organizing a great event and a great day. :thumb: And I agree with Prvt Jet, we need to get out one last time before it snows, although there was one snowmobile making some very fast runs on the track. Even a new Magnum R/T was driven to a 14.3 et bone stock. Once again thanks to everyone who attended and especially Chris T. for organizing the event.

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