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00gts said:
Jerome, that was'nt directed towards you,you did'nt put me down.i just was simply telling all that this is what i bought mine for,i did'nt say anything about you ripping anyone off..theres no need for anyone to get a refund from bought them to sell to people on here that would enjoy them,at no profit to you.thats cool mine are in my collection.hell if you want i'll give you the web-address that i bought mine from,just got new catalog in saturday the price went up$1.00 so now they are $9.95 each.thanks
So what was your incentive, as a noobie here, to post how inexpensively you were able to buy what Jerome has already sold to many of us? Jerome is a major contributor to this site and has done us many a favor (one of which was buying these in bulk and sending them out). With a bit of consideration and "class", you might have thought better before you posted your "advisory". Served no purpose but to irritate people. Not the best "entrance" move on your part.

Next time...engage brain...THEN post. :thumb:
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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