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I need HELP!

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Ok... I am in a quandry.... I think I want a GTS..... so maybe I should sell my 1996 RT and buy a 1996 GTS (I prefer the blue/white stripes).

But I really don't know how much to ask for my RT.... or how much to pay for a 1996 GTS.

In a trade...... my 1996 RT (36,000 miles full Arrow Rebuild 2,500 miles ago)... versus a comparable mileage and condition GTS.... what would the "difference" in value be?

Then there is always the option of selling the 1969 Mach I.... and becoming a two Viper household?

Please give me your thoughts!

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read my past threads about ads and disads about your situation. I'm in the same boat...I feel your pain. Don't know about equal values on cars.
I have been following those threads as well....... Yesterday was a bad rainy day..... made me think "if I had a GTS I would not be soaking wet right now"... but then who knows... with my personality I would have the GTS for six months and say "why the hell did I get rid of that SWEET RT/10 that I had".

How can someone as shallow as me be this conflicted?
mydrmkr, yes me too...LOLOL how can someone as shallow as me be this conflicted? LOLOLOL.
I think I'll end up getting both, I'm sure. I just can't "justify" it just yet. A friend of mine who owns a gts says the heat is ridiculous, another says it's okay...fact is, it is as bad as the rt with a top on and the back glass in. To me, it's too much so that's one reason I havent' jumped on it just yet. I'm taking my time.
I had a 95 Green RT years back. I LOVED it, and If I had the cash I would get another Green RT to compliment the GTS, but I would use it on the nice days only.

If I could only have one, I would go GTS all the way. Especially in FL where it rains all the time and sneeks up on you. The RT leaked and became a pain for the times I got caught in the rain.

well, I feel like a queenie because I don't take mine out UNLESS it's nice. my car hasn't even been in the rain (take that back, It was caught one time and i took it home washed it and waxed it immediately...I know, I'm sick). So that's why a gts/rt is a controversial thing fo rme.
the rt leaks? geez it never rains here so i'll never know.
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