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I need helmets for track

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Any good places to get one and save a few bucks? Actually I need two of them

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Check this one out:

Remember to double check the Snell requirements of the track you are going to, but I think SA 2000 should do it for most events.
Carl , I also need a Helmut..Let me know what kind of deal you dig up.

If your Helmut shopping is half as good as your Computer shopping I'm in /images/graemlins/smiles


See less See more you'll get a 10% discount with a VCA membership, but they don't check so give a phony # (mine is 11244)

Turns out my existing open face helmet will be allowed at Viperdays. I'll pick up another one similar in case they let my son ride.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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