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I need cheaper insurance!!!!

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I am 25 with no wrecks or tickets on my record in the last 4 years. I only drive the car on the weekend maybe a total of 100 miles. I pay $350 a month and I can't seem to find a company that much cheaper, anyone have any referals to a exotic car insurance company where I can get a better price, it would be so greatly appreciated!!!
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Allstate (Florida) 1200.00 per year and that is daily driver to and from work if I choose to do so. 01 RT/10
Nationwide Florida........ just under $900 per year.


You should make sure that you list the Viper as a pleasure vehicle, with limited miles per year. That will dramatically decrease the premium. I had a 240SX listed as my daily driver, and my Viper listed as a pleasure vehicle, and both cars were 1600 per year together.
Try Progressive and make sure car is classified as "pleasure vehicle". That usually means putting less than 7500 miles per year on the car.

I recently changed to Progressive after buying my Viper, I was able to insure my 4 cars (added Viper), for the same price I was previously paying for three.
I live in NJ, Im 35 married and have only one ticket and pay almost the same amount.
I'm in Texas, have one reckless driving ticket (spun tires at a light), use Progressive, and I pay $330/month. I have maximum coverages on everything. A lot of it depends on the county you're in. They base it on accident rates, population, etc.
I'm 27 with a clean record and only pay $1200/year for 3 cars.
Definitely list as "pleasure" vehicle and don't forget to list it with a guaranteed minimum if it must be totaled for some unfortunate reason. (that is if you had to finance it and recover what you still owe regardless of depreciation or what the ins. company says they think it is worth) Takes all the BS outta the equation. I had a buddy get screwed on that once.
Correction! I just called Progressive, and my rate is now $271/month!
BigCarrot said:
Correction! I just called Progressive, and my rate is now $271/month!
Please tell us that is for a FLEET of vehicles... not JUST the Viper!
AIG $400 per year full coverage/high limits. It is listed as a pleasure vehicle with 0% to/from work and less than 3,000 miles annually.
620 per year Nationwide.

You gots to PAY to PLAY!

Prolly get a good rate on a Kia Sephia LOL!!!!!!!!
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