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I like the new Coupe...

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I really like the profile of this car - more like the Viper I know and love. Sure I might want narrower stripes or a less aggressive rear bumper - but its a prototype and we'll see how where they go from here.

You can't please everyone all the time - and I think alot of people are looking for a production-version of the CC; but I don't see that happening....
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Craig201MPH said:
An idea might to be to offer 2 different variants. A wild 600 h.p. forced induction car and a 525 h.p. "base" version
that COULD work but im not could have the "normal" version compete with say the C6 Z51...while the "wild" version goes after say the Ford GT, is that what your getting at??....i guess it could work but I think it would somewhat lessen the feel of the Viper....idk, i just dont really like the idea....i think it should be the "wild" version, or no version at all
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