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I am selling my 1 of 4 rare 2010 Viper ACR Snakeskin Green with Black Tapered Stripes

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Never thought I would ever sell my beloved 2010 Snakeskin Green Viper ACR with black tapered stripes, 1 of 4 made, but I recently bought a 2021 Shelby GT500, along with a Big Block 67 Camaro, to compliment my 2019 C7 ZR1, and I think its time for me to move on. As a Christian man I first off I want to thank God for all his countless blessings in my life and give God all the glory and all the praise!

The car has 20,000 miles on it I have owned it for 6.25 years and the car has been nothing but bullet proof reliable. The 2010 is the last and most desirable year of the the Gen 4 Vipers that were made only 3 years, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The entire car is hand built from Mopar and the they made a transmission change in 2010 to make it a better road race track performer and my exact car held the Nuberbring lap time record in Germany of any production car for many months in 2010. It comes from the factory with a massive 8.4 liter V10 engine and has a brand new battery in it and tires have 90% tread on them.

My selling price is $125,000 (this will be a great investment and will likely continue to climb in value over the next 5 to 10 years way better than money sitting in the bank).

The car has never been tracked or drag raced and I have put on about 15,000 miles on it over 6.25 years just driving it on the street and hitting a ton of car shows/cruise nights. I have owned a lot of awesome cars and none turns more heads on the street than this bad boy, the Snakeskin Green paint just REALLY pops and looks so awesome on this Viper ACR. The original owner back in 2010 was the owner of Turnball Dodge in Texas, and when the owner of the dealership bought it brand new, he immediately sent it to Viper Guru Specialist Dan Cragin in Los Angeles, CA, to have the following tasteful mods done without touching the inside of the engine.

1. Ported and Polished the Cylinder Heads
.2. Ported and Polished the Manifold Intake
3. Long tube ARH headers
4. High Flow Cats and other exhaust muffler piping mods giving the car ZERO interior drone but sounds like a bad ass exotic when you get on it with great aggressive V10 sound.
4. Carbon Fiber CAI
5. Mopar Performance Computer (never tuned the computer can be easily tuned and pick up another 30 HP or so).

Famous Viper tuner Dan Cragin has a little medallion in the engine bay with his name on it after he did the above tasteful mods. The Gen 4 Vipers came with 600 HP from the factory and all came with tremec 6 speed manual transmissions. With the above tasteful mods this car is making at least 700 HP and is a complete beast. Please pass this info onto any friends who could be interested in the car and the car is in excellent condition with a clear car fax and auto source check. I am not a dealer but a hard core American Supercar Enthusiast and have the clean title in my hand.

If you are truly interested and have money in hand and don't need permission from your wife to buy this, please PM me here and I will provide you with all the detailed information that you need along with my phone contact info. Again, I am asking $139,900 and this car should make for a great investment that will just continue to rise in value with time. The car needs nothing and is turn key and is still on the stock original clutch that works fine. Thank you for your consideration and interest and for forwarding this info to any friends/family who may have a legitimate interest in this one off car that you could not find to buy if you wanted to as only 1 of 4 of this car was ever build with the Snakeskin Green Paint with black tapered stripes which are not painted from the factory. The body on this car is 100% stock with no cosmetic changes.

My 2010 Viper ACR is located in the west suburbs of Chicago, IL. I bought it from a Ferrari Dealer in Portland Oregon in November of 2016. I am the 3rd owner, the First owner was the owner of Turnball Dodge, the second owner just babied it and I was able to talk to him in detail when I bought my car and that is how I got such a great history of the car from the 2nd owner who only put about 2,000 miles on the car and never tracked it. The car is in excellent condition and needs nothing and is just a stunning super rare Viper ACR.
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Blue one went for $60K:

I retract my offer. I think prices might crater this fall/winter
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$90k? Economy is crashing, so......................
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Shit dude, you should have taken that offer.
Yes sir bro, yes sir, and the best thing is I don't need to sell it and love it, so I will continue to enjoy it with a big smile on face until it does sell. I give GOD all the glory for all of his countless blessings in my life. God bless you my friend.
What the… is this the Popes Viper? Always thought he’d be sporting a Ferrari.

No, no. When he sells, he is going to give that $85K he gets for the Greenie to all the Christians churches in his area..........................

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With the on coming collapse, I will refine my offer to $80K..
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