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Kiaser said:
Took a 10 minute drive earlier today, after parking and coming back outside after an hour or so I noticed coolant all over the ground. Did some tests and it looks like the overflow bottle is spewing coolant, all the fluid is coming from the fascia and it's wet all around the bottle. The car got up to the usual temperature when I was driving around (never over 215 or so), but not once did it go any higher. What would cause coolant to spew if it's not getting hot? The temp gauge seems to report correctly (although I have seen it once or twice rise 20-30 degrees then fall 20-30 degrees in a matter of seconds so maybe it's bad even though it's recently been replaced). Almost all coolant is getting spewed out each time, the surge tank ends up running empty, and this sucks... Anyone have any thoughts?
I'm sure some of these other guys will give you a more informative reply, but search the forums here. There is a common problem with the Gen 1's and coolant bottles exploding. I think a tear gets in there somewhere, and you can either patch it up or replace the bottle.

Do check around the heads, to make sure there is nothing coming from there. From what I heard, another problem with some of the Gen 1s is weeping heads.

Here is more on that:

Again... I will probably be proven semi-wrong, so please dont take this as a word of wisdom just yet....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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