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HP vs HMS.... is the end near???

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I am sure many of you have been following all the recent hoopla that started after Macedo announced his TT event for HMS this past week.

As I am sure you all know Hugh first sent his heads to HMS to be upgraded (over a year ago)... :pissed: ...... and never saw them again. The heads he had ordered were to be fully ported and polished, with larger valves installed, dual valve springs with titanium retainers, and topped off with T&D 1.7 roller rockers.

Well, today, Hugh Perkins generously offered to GIVE to me the heads that HMS has apparently delivered to Macedo Motorsports this past weekend.

To be sure, I was shocked by Hugh's generosity!!! I thought certainly he would want to SELL these heads to recoup some of his losses, but he did not!

His only request was that I ship him my stock heads when I get the swap complete, and I am sure the heads from HMS are what they are supposed to be??!! WOW! /images/graemlins/smile.gif

Hugh had to get his snake back on the road so he had Apex do some breathing on his viper.......... so it could breath better. Hence, since his snake is breathing well at this time, he did not want the heads necessarily, as much as he wanted to get something back from HMS.

I do not know Hugh from the "man in the moon", but I can tell you that I am truly impressed with his generous spirit,and desire to turn a bad situation into a good gesture!

Pay it forward...... that's all I have to say!

I called Larry Macedo late this afternoon, and left a message. Tomorrow I should find out more information from Larry Macedo, his shop is a couple hours away from me, I think I'll cruise on down there and pick up these heads as soon as I know they are ready, as Hugh first ordered them, for pick up!

I'll post some dyno numbers soon....... as soon as I get the Corsa exhaust installed and then the heads installed. /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif

Thankyou Hugh for the very generous gesture and thankyou all for your patience in reading this missal..... :thumb:

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Well Hugh is a nice guy after all!! :smooch:

Great to hear stories like this! Good job HP!! :thumb:
HP is the man. Way Cool
John H, is a peice of shit what more do you need to know.
How would you feel if you had been riped off and this asshole keeps posting buy my parts and upgrades when you know he is just stealing. Ill promis you anything you want for your viper just send me a check for $35k, I can get great deals on custom paint too. :bonk:
And to think that I use to admire him... disgusting
I just hope the heads that were given were not "hot" as well.
Lance -

Great story and hats off to Hugh!!!

What a gesture from just being part of the Viperalley!!

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Hugh was always a stand-up customer with us. Looks like he's still a great guy! The Viper community is great, isn't it? /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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This is one of those feel good stories that makes me happy about being part of this community.

Good show HP!
APEX Motorsports said:
Hugh was always a stand-up customer with us. Looks like he's still a great guy! The Viper community is great, isn't it? /images/graemlins/headbang.gif <hr /></blockquote>

I was just paying it forward - when the criminal system let me down and
I had no recourse in the civil courts - THE VIPER COMMUNITY CAME THROUGH FOR ME!
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