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How much Ponie gain from headers to exhaust end?

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What is real horse power on complete exhaust change with BnB headers and Corsa catbacks ?
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What year car, BADVENOM? The later cars don't repond the same to exhaust modifications as the earlier cars did. In fact, Vipers w/o catalyst from 96 (GenII) to 99 have made 45+rwhp whereas the later car w/o catalyst would be lucky to see a 20+rwhp gain from the same components.
Larry, 2000GTS with BnB headers and Corsa cats.Just curious since Chuck is installing them on soon.

didn't give me the best bang for the buck in hp, but it now sounds like it should.
I dynoed my '00 FT/10 the day before and the day after putting on my exhaust, on the same dyno and similar weather. Bellanger headers & 3" catbacks and Randomtech 3" in/out cats, I gained 31 rwhp (to 431.3) and 40 rwtq (to 475.2) and it sound a hell of alot better.

My car pulled 402rwhp stock, after the catback it pulled 412. After the headers it pulled 437rwhp and 498rwtq. I dont seem to remember the torque numbers for the first two pulls, I ll try to find the dyno sheets.
Socal, I will have the same set up.How does she sound when you get on her??Loud? Thanks all.
My Belanger headers, Random Tech high flow cats, and Belanger exhaust modifications only gained 17 rwhp... 97 GTS

Not quite the 50 rwhp gain that Belanger claimed I would get.
On a 98+ car I'm with Larry. GREAT sound, but bang for the buck.....NOT!

I was going the header route, but for $2k, Im still trying to find someone that has taken stock 98+ headers and installed a 3" collector / pipe connection. I might go this route with RT hi flows and B&B catback.

Anyone seen or know of anyone that has done some junkyard engineering on 98+ headers?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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