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Re: I\'m one of the \"Factory workers\" spoken of in another thread 40k used p

As you know, asking and selling are different, expecially from dealers:)
I'd say that if you could get it at 53K, I'd jump on it. $63K is optomistic
considering you can pick up 03's with less than 5k mileage for $63K.

Neep, I'd say it also depends on how many times that dealer sees Vipers. Consider
also, that it's October in Mass, which means your less than 60 days from permafrost and another 5 months of sitting for the dealer. Bide your time, talk to them and I bet you'll come away with a sweet deal on a sweet car. I'd shoot for a buy price of no higher than $55K

As for the forged pistons, I wouldn't pay more for those unless I knew I was going the forced induction route, in which case I wouldn't be looking at a 6K mile car. To me, ABS is worth more than forged pistons.

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