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Class Winners, ETs
Individual performances, Stock, All motor, etc.
Car count?

Will this be the format in future races? (Index). Sounds like "Dumping" (sandbagging) at the finish line will be an issue.
Next race in the series?

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Weather was clear and sunny both days. Cool 40's - 60's and windy 20-30mph. Very low humidity 30-40% Saturday and Sunday and temps in the 50's and 60's. Altitude ~650'.

My car was mph-ing about 123+ with a best of 125.1 with a good tailwind. I ran quite a few 12.0s, some teens, and (4) 11.9xs. My 60's were pretty solid in the mid-1.90s on MXX3s.

I dyno'd 421 at about 140F coolant temp, 413 at 190F coolant. Stock manifolds, cats and resonators.
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