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Thanks to everyone who came out to todays meeting. If you missed it or need to get on our mailing list for our next meeting, please email me at [email protected]

Nick Diaz has helped out and started a email group for current info that will help get the club together. To join please go to the following link and sign up.

Also if you have not sent in this years membership dues, please do so now, we are really going to get active and you won't want to miss it.

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Ego Racer said:
I was there. I had the Silver GTS with the ACR rims. I was in the back playing racing my wife on the race car games.

I didnt really pay attention to what was in the parking lot. Just walked by to see what was there. Couple of HMS and RSI cars and some other Vipers. I was out getting ready to move into my new house so I never even bothered to go home to pick up the Viper. Maybe next time.
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