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viper spray said:
I swear , it feels like 200 more FT. Pounds of torque!! I detailed my wheel wells untill dark, had dinner and took her out in the cold , (40's), at night , and these tires still hook like crazy!!!!!!!!!! No more hop , spin , jump , slide, or lack of confidence. Pilots are so unpredictable compared to the sticky Kumhos. Even though they are brand new and I never got the rears good and hot , they still let me get on the gas around corners without any concerns. If you run 17's and don't try them , you are missing out big time. My car is now a race car again and not a slide waiting to happen. Out of the hole , they hook up like no other street tire. unless your Viper is a daily driver , you should check out a set. Tire rack or Jon B. will UPS a set of four for about $740.00 to your door. I had them on my 95 RT NOS car , and was starting to think that it handled better than my Gen. II. I am used to racing Karts and Superbikes with slicks , and these tires give excellent feedback and are confidence inspiring. Yes they will wear faster and pick up gravel when hot , but don't drive on dirty roads or 3M your wheel wells , and you will have no problems. When was the last time you felt good about giving your car the throttle around a turn with curbs? These are the next best thing to Hoosiers for the street. OK enough ranting!
Give us a report on the "sandblasting" of your wheel wells. I keep hearing about this problem but never get first hand info.
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