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Hooked up the GTS to a diagnostic scanner...............

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This guy I know has a very expensive Matco scanner, and he was nice enough to come over this evening and plug into my GTS to see if we couldn't pin-point the cause of my Black smoke out the tail pipe upon hard acceleration.

In another post I had, I got great advice from Vipernewbie, Viperzilla, Russ M, Gerald, Fishtail, and TomF&LGoR. The assumsion was that I might have bad O2 sensor(s), map sensor, plugs, wires etc... That's when I decided to call my buddy, and have him come over with the scanner to narrow it down.

At first everything was testing fine, and then we noticed that the TPS (throttle position sensor) was reading low at wide open throttle. The reading was 3.6v @ WOT, and the min was supposed to be 4.0v or greater @ WOT.

Could this be the culprit ?? If it's not reading the min required voltage, what would the performance result be ?? Anyone run into this themselves before ??

BTW....... Everythng else tested out to be Fine. All were within the required specs.
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Where was this post???

Smoke out your tailpipe under heavy load is FUEL...We run VERY rich at WOT...If you would ever show up for a freakin cruise, you'd see that we all blow smoke...blueish rather than black, but I am sure you probably just have a tad more carbon content, since your trailer queen rarely gets "the carbon blown out"...

Interesting about the TPS...I will have to look into that as well...
Actually, I was told last year at the race track that I had NO SMOKE at all coming from my tail pipe as I blasted down the quarter mile, and that was from more than one person. Now as of yesterday, I do, and it kinda pisses me off. John, the guy with the Red/silver striped GTS in Two Harbors told me that I had Black smoke coming from my tail pipe as I was shifting hard coming down the on ramp to the freeway (of course never exceeding the posted speed limits at any time). I would like to remedy this soon.
Our V10 runs rich under heavy load...hard to believe yours is the only one that doesn't...I have had the A/F gauge in the RT for well over a month now that confirms this, as well as several dynos...

One guy at the track told you he didn't see any smoke??? Does John's GTS smoke under heavy load???

When are you coming down??? Tune-Up and cocktails at Glen's place...We have alot of take-off parts your stocker would just love to have!
Snake Bitten said:
We have alot of take-off parts your stocker would just love to have!
Glen tells me that there was a guy in the club that tested out some fuzzy dice for awhile. You know anything about that ?? Did they lower the ET's much in that guys car ??

When's the next hell raisin' cruize ?? After this weekend, it sounds like I'm free for awhile, at least that's the way it looks now. I'm still planning on the 9th to be down for the Lake Elmo fling, and I'll be in town on the 26th. Let me know any plans you might have.
Last year when I had a life, I made almost every event, this year my life sucks......... Thanks NWA !!! You fucksticks !!! Can I say that ??

Oh yeah, No smoke out of John's GTS either. Very nice car BTW. He is one heck of a nice guy. Have you ever met him before ??
your avatar is hilarious..!!!
Gerald said:
your avatar is hilarious..!!!
yours gives me a boner. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Hey Dan - you've missed a few "get togethers" this year... Only now we consistently have between 10 and 15 cars... Tonight at our meeting we should have around 22 again...

Last weekened was a bit out of hand... Had everyone over Saturday night - up till 6am with Jagermiesters, etc... Had two guys come down from Canada...

Almost every weekend there is someone's Viper in my garage getting worked on... When you know you are coming down - post on the MN forum and let us know...

PS - Can you make it to Pine City this Saturday? We're opening a new Dodge Dealer up there - so half way for ya! And they are giving away a $700 Viper jacket to the owners who show up... Unsure if I am going yet...
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