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her last night with me....

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I don't own her anymore yet she is still with least until tomorrow. When I am away at the F1 race...she will be picked up and gone when I get back.:bawling:

Farewell... /images/graemlins/wave.gif

this are the last pic's of her I took this evening.
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Damn Toby...I forgot all about you...One of our guys just sold his 2001 Sapphire/Silver ACR...actually he traded it, and only got $53K on the trade...which was really worth about $55K with the sales tax break...but it was a minty 7,000 mile car...It happended so fast that I didn't even get to tell anyone...He races his R1 now, and has no time for the ACR...

[image][/image] gotta PM!
SRT Mike said:
On your last night with her... take her out and do 87 redline clutch drops, burn off a set of tires, hit 190mph, do donuts up and down your street, and make a point of keeping her at redline for at LEAST 5 minutes.

Toby posted that video two months ago...You missed it???
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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