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I need a character reference on the VCA board-
general section - everyone take your ass over there and
say something in my defense.
The title is "I'm being threatened"
I will forever be in your debt.
Now get over there and kick some VCA ass!!
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Just goes to show money doesnt buy you class. What an Asshole.
So Larry cant defend his proping of HMS; so he has Dave jump in and fight his battles for him?

Notice how Larry got real quiet as of late? Having second thoughts maybe? Hasnt even had his event yet and look whats its done to his name.

I'd never even heard of Larry until the other day; but you can be sure I'll remember him for his hosting of a conman to his customers (complete with his own disclaimer that he knows of HMS's ripping off of customers and that he bears no responsibility for HMS's action). Kinda like inviting a child rapist to dinner with your friends and asking them to bring their kids over. "I know heabuses children - but he's a nice guy and I am not responsible for what he does at our parties."

No worries, Larry, Dave is here to run his mouth and threaten people so you dont get your hands dirty. Maybe you should at least make a post disclaiming any responsibility for Dave's threats.

Although it is nice of Larry to broker HP's parts. Seems the squeaky wheel gets the grease around here. Maybe Larry's customers should keep that in mind when they go to his "event".
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heh.... Porno King - thats very flattering, I dont think my stuff qualifies me for any awards or special titles, though. But it does pay the bills.... ;)

Give what up? I'm just calling it like I see it - no threats, no insults. I've said my peace - nothing more to say.

(I'm confused... I though you were the Porn King? Didnt jkracer say, "Why don't you post some of your pornography that you are so famous for, you are funny."?)
By the way, I would dispute the characterization that a guy who occasionally takes pics of naked women cant also be a great father.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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