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Help - installing sparco pro2000 and snakeoyl bracket

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I feel like an idiot, snakeoyl sent me this bracket to fit the pro2000 to the stock mounting holes. Said it was suppose to fit on the slider's i just don't see how!

Signed Ralph - not that mechanically inclined!

PS need to get them in tonight, for a Sat track day and working ALL day friday
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He sent me these seat rails.....

and 2 flat metal steel pieces that bolt onto the stock mounting holes with two additional holes for the rails..I guess
Too late,

got to go to work!!!!!
Thanks Mark,

I'm trying to get out of work early to get this done tonight. Saturday, i have a track day at Limerock and would love to have it in tonight.

if you can. email me at [email protected]

Thanks again
the pictures of the bracket.

sorry about that

1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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