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I am trying to remove the manifold and can't seem to get the fuel line quick disconnector off. It appears that you push the plastic piece into the coupling and then you just pull like hell. If anyone has any tricks let me know.

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It's a little involved but I had a similar problem trying to disconnect the fuel filter. Just couldn't get the plastic disconnect to snap dowm.
What I did was go to the harware store.
There I bought an adjustable pair of "Vise Grip" pliers
and two large flat washers.
One washer had an inside diameter just larger than the fuel line
the other an insde diameter just large enough to fit into a slotlike neck on the fuel filter (Seems like it was placed there for this purpose).
I put the washers in a vice and used a hacksaw followed by some filing to cut straight lines in the washers extending the holes so that now I had two metallic "U" shaped pieces of metal
one that fit around the fuel line and sat on top of the plastic snap
one that fit into the slot of the fuel filter fitting.
I took the "Vise Grip" pliers and set the jaws apart so that when I'd clamp down with the pliers the final gap was about the distance the two washers should be apart when the plastic snap was depressed.
I then took the pliers over to the disc sander and ground a potrion of one the the back side of the jaws down so that the washers would sit parallel at this distance.
I then welded the two "U" shaped washers to the vise grips
ensuring that the faces were parallel
and also welding them so that they had their slots lined up.
Also I made sure that the washers were welded far enough from the tips of the pliers
so that the jaws of the pliers did not cause interference problems.
Then I sprayed it with black paint.

I know have a tool that not only generates enough pressure to push the snap in
but the force is applied parallel to the surface of the snap so that it is not damaged. And once the snap is pushed in the pliers lock so that the snap is held down
and I can free up both hands to pull the fitting apart.

Since it has no other purpose, I just keep it in the Viper at all times
just in case some mechanic might need it down the road
when I'm not near home.
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