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I would really like to meet Viper owners in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Short intro on me, I'll put more into my profile. I've been building cars for years. I've loved the Viper since before the first one even hit the road. I've been working on buying one for about a year, and have one picked out. I'm the type that just gets paralyzed by over-analysis. Plus, while I can afford it, it's because I don't ever spend money, so spending this much on a toy is giving me a brain-pretzel.

I'm a pilot (civilian). Previous cars (and car-like things) include:
1982 Jeep CJ5, heavily modified (by me, of course) to include 360ci V8, 38" tires, and almost everything in between. It was my first car and I had to sell to pay for flight school, found 13 years later and bought back, still have. I've owned three Jeep CJs, just sold another one. I have done everything to Jeeps, but that info will go into my profile when I have time.
1977 Corvette, I did a 383 stroker and a ton of restoration work (sold to pay for flight school)
1981 Z28 Camaro, rebuilt the engine (my fault) and automatic transmission (sold to pay for flight school)
1979 K20 truck (fabricating an off-road body for it)
1951 Studebaker 2.5 ton military (sold)
1944 Universal (Bren) Carrier - a tracked, armored infantry carrier from WW2 (sold to a museum/ reenacting group after restoring the armor)
Saturns as my daily drivers. Laugh all you want, they're fun, cheap, and never break. The SC2 models, with manual transmissions, are a fun enough daily driver. Am considering replacing with a Lotus Elise, but after the Viper.
Full size Dodge van because Great Danes don't fit in cars.

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