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With all the threats of war lately..why not!

Good news is that Viper owners will be the winners at my expense once again!

Belanger Headers Delivered to anywhere in the Continental US $ 1,695.00
Belanger Gen II Cat-Back COMPLETE $ 1,149.00
Belanger GEN I Cat-Back COMPLETE $ 399.00
3" High-Flow Cats PRICED AS A PAIR $ 250.00

Cat-Backs and High Flow cats do not include shipping charges. This special will run for 30 days and may be extended at my discretion. If Parts Rack meets or beats this deal, email or fax me your actual estimate on competitor letterhead and I will continue to beat their or anyone elses price until I am giving them away!

I'm doing this for a reason, a reason that has been on my mind since I started selling Viper parts 3 years ago. When I first started, I purchased a set of Belanger headers for my own Vipers after investigating ALL headers that were on the market. They worked incredibly well and I proceeded to become the "voice" of Belanger headers. Some of you remember this for sure..back from the old VCA forums. Anyways, Jon B. proceeded to continually beat me into the ground about headers and that brands x,y and z were far superior..he even once stated that he'd bet an SVS header made 25 more hp! I tried to get him to stand behind his bet but he never did. It was that bashing that he was relentless about, in an apparent attempt to run a fledgling company out of business, and that is and has been the driving force behind my always unbeatable exhaust system pricing.

Keep in mind, that you can't buy Corsa, Borla, SVS, SVP, Edelbrock, Hooker, Mopar, Hennessey, TNT, B & B or ANY other brand header from us..JUST BELANGER, they are the best, as is my relationship with the Belanger family. So, If you are shopping for the BEST exhaust system on the planet for your Viper, why not choose the company with the most experience in actual INSTALLATION and performance testing combined with the best price(not to mention a Belanger equipped Viper owner)?

"Bombs Away!!"

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