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Hayabusa AssWhuppin

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last night I got a chance to enjoy getting schooled by a friend of mine. he just got his hyabusa back from a tuner in alabama and it is now a turbo 560hp BEAST.

he did an 8.6 at 179mph last night at the track. he was on one wheel through the eighth at 145mph. kinda made my 11.3 at 129 look pretty sad, LOL.
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If you join the Busa club, I can steer you in the right direction if you aren't anywhere close to Sebastian @ NLR (whom I imagine did your buddy's bike).

As odd as it sounds, 500HP Busas are not so unusual anymore. Several are well over 600, in fact.

John, the guy on the Bonneville video hangs and the site as SpeedKing. He is an LA local.
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