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Hayabusa AssWhuppin

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last night I got a chance to enjoy getting schooled by a friend of mine. he just got his hyabusa back from a tuner in alabama and it is now a turbo 560hp BEAST.

he did an 8.6 at 179mph last night at the track. he was on one wheel through the eighth at 145mph. kinda made my 11.3 at 129 look pretty sad, LOL.
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streetbike too. all the drag bikes fuckin hate him, LOL. he comes in on his bike, rolls out a few eight second runs and drives it home.

Ive come to realize, the hyabusa is truly the viper of the bike world. Im seriously considering buying one, doing the turbo upgrade and starting some track fun with it
isaac; nitrous system is still not quite right. the install job was poorly done and many mistakes were made that i am not only redoing but financially paying for a second time now. nevertheless, i dont do anything less than the right way so when im done, itll work like it should. overall a baaad experience for me. but, its the past and im not one to look back to often
nah, i think for now ill stick with the custom bike bunch. im still in the works on starting some drag bike racing though so who knows where ill end up (hopefully not a statistic or a skidmark)
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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