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Have a question about buying

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Hello my name is Amber and I am looking at purchasing a 99 ACR viper is Las Vegas. I am locted in Texas. I am a little nervous about purchasing a car out of state the I have never seen. I am just wondering if any on is familer with a company called World Motorsports. If so what can you tell me about them? Or does any one know about the 99 ACR black viper? Please help.

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Buying a Viper sight unseen can be a very risky venture.

Have you ever owned a Viper, driven one?

A dealer will not know the complete story on a car as they usually do not have ownership of the car very long.

Even if the dealer is a good one...unless they know Vipers...they really can't state the condition of the car. Sure the paint may be shiny and it runs ok...anyone can see that but do they know if the frame recall was done correctly, is it on it's second set of tires when the first pair should still be new, what is the condition of the undercarriage, was the car ever raced and could the dealer see signs that it was?

A Viper can look good, sound good and even run good but could have many hidden problems that only a trained eye can find.

I would suggest getting the car inspected before giving the dealer any money.

I do not know about the dealer or car but if you plan to spend 50K+ dollars on something sight unseen...then you run the risk of buying a car you didn't expect.

By the did you find our little corner of the internet.

Thanks for posting.
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Go over and post on, too. Ask them if anyone there will take a look at a car in Las Vegas for you. Someone will undoubtedly step up to the plate.
Also, you posted in the wrong section here. Go over to Viper Discussions.
Also...You might be better off finding a private seller who knows the history of the car. Finding one locally will also allow you to see the car first hand and save you thousands in transport costs.
Don't do it! You WILL regret it! That company is very scandalous! Buyer beware!
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