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Hard/softtop lifts for Corvettes

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I remember seeing this a couple years back in their catalogue when I was buying some vette parts. I am thinking it would work for the Viper. I have both tops, and the weather is pretty lousy up here in Quebec, and every weekend I am putting and taking the top off, and humping the thing down into my basement. I live alone so it is not the easiest thing to lift on and off by myself without scrathcing the bar. Anybody have or heard off something like this. What do you guys think?

Here is the one from Ecklers.
Hardtop lift
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I talked to a couple of companies that make them. You'd have to do some modifications, they're really designed for the specific shape of the Vette and old Benz tops, which are more like traditional car roof tops with rear windows, not wide flat pieces like the RT/10 hard top.

There was a guy on the morgue who built a really nice one. For about a year he kept promising he'd send me a parts list but he never got around to it, then eventually traded in his RT/10 on a Testarossa and disappeared from the Viper world.

Basically his design entailed some large J-hooks with tennis balls on the end so as not to create indentations on the underside of the roof. These were separated with some kind of light aluminum, and in the center was a cable that went up to a pulley. He had a hand-cranked winch in the wall.

Mainly I wanted a parts list because the J-hooks were some kind of off-the-shelf piece, I think maybe something used for hoisting Jeep hardtops.
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