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Happy birthday, Paul Mumford & thanks for the conference call...

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Today was Paul's birthday and about 30 of us celebrated at BJ's in Burbank some comiung as far as England. They had a cake with the pic of Paul shaking the champagne bottle on the podium of Laguna Seca. We sang happy birthday laughed and cried but it was theraputic being amongst friends.

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterdays 10 pm conference call, It was good talking to some of you and getting sh*t off my chest, your a great bunch!

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It was nice talking to you.

It all still seems very unreal.
Socal, It was nice talking to you as well! Paul's passing affected the entire Viper community in so many ways. It just goes to show, the profound ways he affected so many lives. Happy Birthday Mumford!
Happy Birthday PMUM. We miss you.
Today is my birthday also. I feel honored to share the day of my birth with such an incredible human being.

I, too, never met him but followed his exploits on the boards and through the club for the last 5 years. We shared many mutual friends though I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Through this board and .org, I felt I knew him. His death has left me at first shocked and dazed then sadned and depressed.

On another odd coincidence, my 2001 Viper GTS (Sapphire/silver)that I bought from Woodhouse was originally ordered by Paul Mumford and has his name on the sticker (which I kept from over two years ago). He changed his mind and bought his '01 ACR, which was the exact same color as the one he originally ordered.

Strange days... Happy birthday, Paul. Hopefully one day we will finally meet.
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