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Halfshaft Repair

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broke left halfshaft last night at track (sucks too cause it was the finals after four hours of racing)

im going to replace it myself; ive never replaced/installed a halfshaft, how dificult is it.
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It's cake...You simply remove the straps that hold the U-Joints in...Be sure and use NEW STRAPS and NEW BOLTS...You can get them at your local dealer cheap...Four straps per side...eight bolts

Were these Unitrax or stockers???
Jack up the rear so the wheels can turn. That helps get better access to the bolts. I used a combination wrench with a piece of pipe for leverage. Don't forget the Loctite.
I had to unbolt the lower shock mount to get the shaft out. Others claim it will come out with some wiggling. I wonder if having an ACR matters.

One end wouldn't seat by hand so i use an old strap and eased it in with a couple bolts.

I have a set of stock half-shafts sitting at my house. If you need one or both PM me an offer.
G; they were the unitrax bigboys /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

snapped em like a pencil neck

man it was a beeeautiful fucking launch, 5200rpm and grabbed like a teenage perv on promnight; pisses me off the other guy got my trophy

i gotta say this again comfirms IMO that BFGs can hook every bit as good as slicks. every bit as good. i was slippin AT ALL.

tony; thnx bro, i still have my stockers, i already put a call in to jon b though; im gonna get another set of the allegedly high hp ones LOL

I had em on for over two yrs and ive done a shitload of racing so i got my moneys worth
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I just got a call and my new rear 18" wheels with BFGs are on there way. What do you recommend for setup and launch.
V10 MOJO said:
man it was a beeeautiful fucking launch, 5200rpm and grabbed like a teenage perv on promnight; pisses me off the other guy got my trophy
Now that is what I call a LAUNCH !! Giddy Up !
Mojo, were they the heavy duties or the titanium?
hvy duties over two yrs old and two seasons of racing so im not complaining. over a period of time shit gotta give. way i see it, half shafts are consumable parts just like a clutch is, in time its gonna go.

jimT; depends upon your hp bro; last yr running stock and eventually with bolt-ons i would launch anywhere from 5000-5500 and with psi from 14.5 to 16.

now i launch around 4800-5000 and psi same, im hookin as good as when i use Mickeys. you cannot obviously expect the complete results as a set of slicks and skinnies but for the launch itself; with the right scenario BGFs will hook and stick every bit as good as any set of slicks, period

last night i kinda expected something to happen, as it was 50 degrees, no humidity, track prepped excellent and a cold car. so i added fuel to fire by dropping psi from 15.5 to 14.5 even though it was hooking good already and after a hellacious burnout...wham bam thank you maam, keep my halfshafts you fucking track /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

but hey, i was going for my first ten second run /images/graemlins/drive
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all i know is im goin back for theat ten secodn time slip on saturday. i just finished the cats (right one was bad) new plugs (went colder to NGK; indexing them too; what a bitch that is) and the new halfshafts arrive tommmorrow (thnx jonB for manning up when needed)
The colder plugs won't help you any on the hp meter!

I'm setting at about 600hpr at the rear wheels.

If you indexed them, did you set them at 9-12 O'Clock. If the plug is positioned at other than that angle the electrode is severely shrouded by the proximity to the side wall. Indexing means different thing in different cars. The viper plug electrode can be hidden in the corner if not turned in the correct direction. There is a lot of debate over this topic, but, on the other hand, few combustion chamber layouts hide the plug as badly as the viper.

It also is not good to add the spacers, as they can change the heat transfer balance of the plug. You should just buy a bunch of plugs and use an indexing tool to measure the the electrode position. It takes about forty plugs to find the right 10.
jack; i got twenty /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif. im going for 10 to 2 position preferably 12'oclock if possible
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