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Guys with s/c's

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Guys with s/c\'s

How long are the belts supposed to last or how often is it recommended that they be changed?

Th couple of cars I have seen run at the strip always seem to be changing or breaking belts after a couple of runs. Does the amount of boost determine belt life or is it the hard driving?
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Re: Guys with s/c\'s

both the levels of boost and driving style determine the life of the belt :nod: which in my case I'm in deep shit :doh:
Re: Guys with s/c\'s

sometimes they last 20k miles....If you put the belt on properly and tensioned it properly, then you'll get a year(s) or more out of it. If it's not tentioned properly (belt slip or too tight) it will cut the life of the belt back dramatically.

Re: Guys with s/c\'s

I beat mine to hell and have over 2000 miles on it since I got it back without the slightest hint of wear. Im guessing it will go 15-20K
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