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Gumball Rally 3000

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Well, I have been accepted to run the Gumball Rally 3000 starting in Paris down to Africa and then back to Cannes. Sadley, the cost to enter is $14,000!!! I thought it was around $7,000.

Looks to be out of my range unless someone wants to sponsor a car!

Any takers? If anyone wants to take my place, I will give it to them if I can ride shotgun!

Just thought I would take a shot.

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I wish I could do it. Maybe someday, but right now I'm not richer than 9 foot up a bull's ass so I'll have to wait.
I thought about that at one point. I have the dvd's to the previous races. It's best to,.... single to do it. The parties are supposed to be intense. Can you not go or is it just the money. You could hit sponsors such as tuners,etc. and just logo the car out. That could raise enough. The problem is it's in europe and support is not as strong for such sponsors....the plethora of european cars, however, will be well represented.
Kristie is actually my co driver, so I would have to be good! You are allowed 2 sponsers and they have to approve it. I can't go because I don't have $25k laying around.

But, I do have an another idea that is going to surface real soon and it is going to involve a free $45k car to someone (not me, but one of you).

I will keep you posted!
free 45K car? Who do I have to kill?
For $14k you could put a nice down payment on a new MB E55 and take a European delivery. Drive around the autobahn and visit Switzerland, Italy, etc. Fly home and a month later your E55 shows up at your local dealer.

If you want some serious speed closer to home and at a lower cost, there are numerous open road races in TX, NV and NE. They are a lot of fun too:
This is my idea. It is still in devoplopment, but here is the rough draft. This all goes to benifit a charity event near my ranch in Dallas. It helps out Foster kids.

Here is my idea:
I want to rent a track near Dallas and hold a one day event there being lapping days or something of the sort. This is how the schedule would go:

Friday Morning - leave the headquarter hotel (in dallas somewhere) and go on a 60 mile drive to my ranch Northwest of Dallas. Have an exotic car show there with a big bbq, etc.

Friday evening - group rallys back to the hotel in Dallas.

Saturday - hold an event at track I rent,

Saturday night - have a big party with Dinner and give ways.

Entry fee for all of this wold be $1,000 and would include the following:
Admission to all the events, entry for one person to the driving event on Saturday, and one entry to win the car. (A guest would be included for everything, but the driving event.) This would be limited to 100 entries, so you would have a 1:100 chance of winning the car. The car would be a 2005 Lotus Elise that is already ordered and should be here in April or May. I am sure that I will get more giveways for the drawing. Depending on the interest and cost, I might be including the hotel rooms for 3 nights were the event is headquarted.

I am thinking about doing this in May sometime. I want it to be after the car gets here so the winner can take it with them.

Any comments or ideas? This is something I came up with this week after I realized that I can't run the Gumball Rally! Anyone want to throw in some stuff for charity?

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I know a guy that did it last year. He even brought me back a cool sticker! I think it would be awesome, but it would cost a LOT more than $14,000! Shipping you car over and back would be a nightmare! Gas is really expensive too! I figure you'd need $30k or so to make it fun.
I figured $25k. One of my buddies was a state trooper in west texas...he had a blast chasing them! I saw the stickers as well.

I need to rob a bank I believe.
when is it coming back this way?
Makaha said:
when is it coming back this way?
I'm thinking next year. Looks like they've started going between the US and Europe. Personally, if I had the money to spend, and no job to be responsible for, I would be game!
SJT97GTS said:
Makaha said:
when is it coming back this way?
I'm thinking next year. Looks like they've started going between the US and Europe. Personally, if I had the money to spend, and no job to be responsible for, I would be game!
Definitely! That would be an absolute blast!
what are the prizes if you win?
Craig201MPH said:
what are the prizes if you win?
Lots of speeding tickets and maybe a night in jail. /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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There are no prizes since it is a rally and for charity, but I hear it is wild!!!

When I talked to the guy from Gumball, he said he was not sure when it was coming back over, but I am sure it will soon.

And a night in jail, no way....those guys carry to much money to miss that nights party.

I could help with this charity run of yours. Let me know if you want to really materialize the plan. I would be interested. I have always participated in charity/fund rasier events.
I have a plan materalizing. Trying to nail down the location as we speak (Kinda hard to do when I am Canada all week).

I will talk to you about details when I get home at the end of the week.
just ring me, I'll be around....
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