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Re: GTS\'s going down in value

All cars drop like rocks and Vipers are no different. How many people out there still can't afford a "toy"? How many people actually want a Viper? There aren't that many compared to other cars and tha Viper marlet only has a small sect of the population that wants one.

Buyers market.

If you by any car for an investment you are nuts and double nuts if you think a modded Viper is worth anything to anyone other than the person that built it. As Rohn said 20 cents on the dollar if that much. Look at the idiots that drop boat loads in a car stereo, it's worth nothing for resale. Watch a car dealer laugh at your $8000 stereo on a trade in.

Modding money might as well be thrown in a fire on resale, you do it for yourself and your enjoyment but your going to get raped on resale.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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