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Stopped by the local GMC dealer this morning to drop off my wife's suburban for service. My new Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins diesel catches the eye of all of the "lot lizards" who proceed to check it out. The manager comes over and starts gaggling about the GMC "Duramax" diesel and how much better it is than the Dodge. We joked back and forth for a minute or two and he then made the ultimate incorrect statment--"I'd like to see how that Dodge would hold up in a drag race against this 300 hp duramax"...ending the sentence with a laugh. I told him he didn't have to ask me but once and to pull that piece of shit off the podium. You should have seen the look on his face when I accepted his challenge.

They then pulled the truck up along side of mine in the parking lot to compare which one was louder...the Dodge was very noticalby quieter and the Cummins sounded so much more like what a diesel should sound like. I pointed out the 4" downpipe and 4" full factory exhaust, giant intercooler and the such and begged him to back down. He couldn't bring himself to back down in front of his lizards, and picked a driver. We headed out onto the 4 lane highway in front of the store, I gave the GMC the GO and proceeded to devistate him! It wasn't even close.

Afterwards, it looked like that night in Jersey when Cooney got knocked out, dropped jaws and silence from the crew there as their sales/driver pointed at the Dodge that just laid the cut straight on his machine.

In a nutshell, it made for a fun morning. I got a feeling a few of the lizards are crawling to the local dodge store looking for a job.

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