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Just for those who have not seen it, you can get your own Viper Alley T-shirts just by clicking on the [image][/image] link on top of the page.

You can also customizable shirts made up for yourself. Tell your buddies to kiss your ass as they looks at the Viper on your shirt and only wish. The wording is all up to you.

Be sure to also check out the "Banned By" shirts. These are sure to be a big hit at your next VCA meeting. If you should happen to be a member and go.

Show your support for the Alley, buy a shirt or three. :thumb:

Just click here to get yours today. /images/graemlins/thumb1


The preceding was no way endorsed by the Viper Alley, VCA, SPCA, RCA, or the NRA


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I came to buy, ... and /images/graemlins/down , ...found NO Black Gen 1 RT's either! ???? /images/graemlins/wtf
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