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I received this email earlier and am participating. I would appreciate any area Viper owners to join in. It should be a nice time and for a good cause. I hope to see you all there.

The Sunshine Kids are coming to Texas this year on June 16th. These
special kids are all fighting cancer battles. They come from all over the
U.S. for a week of fun in the Texas Hill Country. Our part in their
adventure is a rally from San Marcos to the Capital in Austin.

The event starts in both Austin (7:45am) and San Marcos (8:30am). The
Austin group caravans together to San Marcos, where the two groups join and
await the arrival of the kids. Once the kids arrive, they choose their
cars and the entire group drives up to the Capital in Austin. We will have
a police escort blocking off all the intersections along the route. At the
Capital you are welcome to stay with the kids for a tour of the Capital and
a free lunch. Special parking is reserved at the Capital for us.
Otherwise, you can leave to get back to work (~10:30am).

This event is always a great time. The kids are so excited when they see
the cars they get to ride in. The Vipers are always a hit - and the first
cars chosen ;-).

Please put your Viper to use for this good cause. The kids' smiles say it
all. This event creates a memory for a lifetime for them.

Please let me know by May 30th if you can attend . My email is
[email protected]


Sue (512-418-9222)

p/s: If you or your business would like to sponsor the event ($300) and
get your logo on the t-shirts, please contact the event coordinator,
Michael Marr, at [email protected]

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Jason, I will be there also. Did you know we are doing the local club dyno day Saturday the 5th? Bring your car and I will go ahead do everything to it we have discussed, if you don't mind leaving it.

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