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Here's how I disassembled the steering rack on my Gen2. I'm waiting on parts to come in so I'll post the reassembly then. Probably early December.
P/N for the parts i used:
Seal kit: Kotek SK-8174
Cylindrical bearing: INA FC65769
Ball bearing: Koyo 6201 C3 Open
Hex preload adjustment plug: Preload Adjustment Plug Nissan Sentra 95-97 Volvo S90/V90 1998

1 - remove hard lines and the seals inside
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2 - remove plastic caps. the one on top is a 27mm Hex and the one on the front has 4 keyways. I used an adjustable brake caliper tool to remove that. keep in mind they're both plastic and may be brittle. I think I may have found a source for replacement parts but I'm waiting for them to come in to confirm fitment.
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3 - remove spring and plastic part from under the hex plug. the spring looks symmetrical so i don't think there's a right or wrong way to put it back but maybe take a note of it's orientation anyway.
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3B - make markings on the steering rack gear as well as the pinion input shaft to make sure you get them back together correctly. i marked both sides of the rack gear, the pinion housing and the pinion input shaft (circled in red)
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4 - remove snap ring from rear pinion housing
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5 - remove nut on opposite side

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6 - Use needle nose pliers or angled snap ring pliers to twist
the metal key on the RH side of the rack clockwise until the end of the locking ring is visible in the slot on the side of the rack (circled in red). Then use a flathead to pry the tip of the ring out. then twist the key counterclockwise, feeding the locking ring out (2nd photo).
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7 - Now tap the pinion out of the housing (tap from the side with the nut towards the side that had the snap ring). the washer and the bearing will slide off the end with the input gear but will need a little effort.
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8 - with the pinion out, push the rack gear as far as it goes to the RH side and then using socket extensions or something tap it out of the rack housing. It will look something like this:
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except the seal circled in red will still be in the housing. to get this out use a 3/8 drive 3/4" socket and extensions to tap it out of the RH side of the housing

9 - to get the inner seal out place the 3/4 socket and extension in thru the LH side of the rack. once it's seated on the seal, look thru the RH side to make sure it's fully in contact with the seal and not stuck in the housing. gently tap it a few times to break it loose, and make sure the socket is centered on the seal every so often. Alternatively, after breaking the seal loose you can turn the rack vertically with RH facing down and tap straight down.
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10 - remove the ball bearing that's in the pinion housing. a ball-joint removal tool is exactly the right size for this job. alternatively you could use just a regular c-clamp with a socket to press against the housing. feed a 14mm socket and short extension through the opening that had the snap ring so that the socket is seated against the bearing. Then use the clamp to press on the socket+extension to press the bearing out of the side that had the plastic plug.
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11 - the last seal is in the pinion housing. you can see it when looking from the opening that had the snap ring. if you have an extra long seal puller it might work on this (the arms on mine are relatively small). I ended up just using a bent pick and gently prying from the back of the seal all the way around until it unseated.
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here's where the seal is on the pinion gear:
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fully disassembled:
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If I missed anything or did any steps out of order please let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks!
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