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I recently took off my RT/10’s rocker panels (side-sills?) and noticed that at the rear of the sills on the well well end - on both sides – that the rear fender well protectors were installed on the outside of the sills? Is it normal for the fender well protectors to be outside of the sill (exposed)?

It seems strange as the rear end of the rocker sill is painted as if it was meant to be exposed, but in my case, the fender wheel well was on the outside of the sill (fully exposed). This unfortunately has scraped a rather large bit of paint off the top area of the rear sill. /images/graemlins/sad

If the wheel well protecor is supposed to be on the inside of the sills, I suspect that the folks who put my Borla’s in messed up on the reinstall of the sills? (Sorry, I don’t have pictures at this time.)
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