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My GTS came with Gen 1 side exhaust. I have mixed feelings about it. Looks ok, sounds good. But man does it drone on the highway. Especially when driving in the fast lane and the sound bounces off the concrete wall.
Unfortunately it did not come with the factory rocker panels or exhaust. To change back I鈥檇 have buy salvage rockers or Autoform glass rockers and then have painted and/or repaired. And buy new exhaust to exit out the rear. I figure the entire switch back it will cost me about $4000-$5000. 馃槼
Some of the cost could be offset by selling the Gen 1 side exhaust. But that is hardly money in the bank.
Any thoughts from my well learned Viper Owners?

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I prefer rear-outlet exhaust on the Viper. It just sounds so much better when the 2 banks come back together again thru an H or X balance section. Check the other exhaust thread.

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I have a set of covers in primer, $2200. Might have a painted set, what color is your car? Where are you located?
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