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GEN 2 Hood Hinges

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I bought an 02 RT/10 about a month ago. The hood will pop up, but does not move forward, so the hood hits on the bumper. Wondering if I can take the hood off and just clean up the hinges, or do you think I will need a new set of hinges. I have been looking and have not been able to find hood hinges anywhere. Thanks for any advice for a brand new owner. I love it so far!!
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DO NOT lube the springs! Only grease the linkage pins. The rear catches and hood rollers need to be greased for smooth operation. Springs are known to fatigue and they have been available.

If you have a friend available, to lift the hood off the hinge assembly only requires removing (4) 13mm nuts. Have a close look at the hinge parts to check for asymmetrical bends/twist. There is no worry about losing hood alignment going back on.
Thank you. I will get some help and take it off to see what the issue is.
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