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Future owner question

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Hey all, new to the board and I have a few questions.

I'll be looking for a 00~02' Viper in about 2 months and I was wondering if there are any major items to be alert for on these cars. Anything that wears out with normal usage, things to be aware of while looking, etc. Second, I think a blower will be in order right off the bat. I know of all the different types and exactly how they work (I do automotive design) but would like to hear actual owner first hand experiences. What are the benefits of going with a centrifugal like the Paxton over a twin screw such as the Roe and the other way around?

Thanks guys!
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Thanks for the wealth of infomation Gary, seems I need to do a bit more research before just going out and writing a check. This is going to be a daily driver/crusier type deal, not out to make 1000hp, I have other cars for that. Just was thinking of ways to make it different from every other Viper in the area. The blower will be down the road a bit, I'll be doing all standard bolt ons first. When it comes time for forced induction, I'm not afraid of pulling the motor and swaping the pistons with some forged, cryo, and heat treated ones.

Again, thinks for the info.
600 is more or less what I was planning on, and the mods wouldn't be right off the bat. I currently have a mid 11 second Stealth twin turbo so the performance has got to at lease match that.

...Every other viper in the area.?! It's not like there are an abundance of vipers around -it's not vettes we are talking about!
I know of 5 Vipers in the Lubbock area and at least 25 in Saint Louis.
SapphireGTS said:
Oh yeah. Glen is mad that you call your self lucifer.

I've used the name since 97' when I used to play Quake professionally, nothing more. But hey, it helped pay for school. /images/graemlins/thumbs2
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