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Funny, right where they turned off the 101 is where the cops took me when i had come back from concorso italiano in monterey. My buddy and i was having a bit of "fun" on the road (he as a Lotus Esprit TT V8) and they couldn't get him they did get me. They tried to get me on Exhibition of Speed and Speed contest. I refused to admit a single thing and while they where huffing and puffing and trying to find anything to nail me for it was obvious they didn't have the radar or laser on. I got away without even a warning. They did give me the field sobriety test at least 3 times just to harass me (i had a not had a single drink that night).

Anyways, nice car! I have seen someone elses supercharged nitrous fed GTS (it was red). I'm not sure if he is posting on the internet but that is one sweet ride.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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