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Hey Ron-

Welcome to the board - I only wish it was under different circumstances. My condolences to you on losing a great friend and great man.

As you can see by the posts on this board, Paul touched many people that only knew him thru here and the .org site. I am saddened by this loss and I hope you convey to his friends and family what he meant to Viper owners and race enthusiasts across the country.


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never knew the dude, though from what ive read, he was one helluva man. I myself just lost my brother/best friend last sunday. im still fucked up as can be over it. i can understand the loss, it sucks ass, plain and simple. my bro was 36. both of them waaaaay to young to leave us.

some believe in afterlife, some follow religious faith, some wander round aimlessly with the deer in headlight stare. I have my own theories and beliefs, but it still doesnt make it much easier no matter what you follow.

Good luck and stay strong to all who knew PMUM, wish I did, but then again, just one more to mourn over if I did. anyway, enough of the dour shit. he was one helluva driver, i sure wouldve liked to have spent some seattime with him.

just remember, when you act, or react, and it pertains to the matter at hand; ask yourself, "what would he want?" and simply try to follow that.
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