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Found another GTS...a 96...its even better...

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After my 97 GTS failure this week finding that the car had body damage I called a local broker who just listed a 96 GTS with 9k miles. I jumped on it.
It's a one owner, all stock 96 blue and white. I got a nice price as well.

The sale is pending a full inspection once it arrives.(broker is paying shipping) I will look it over and will send it to a Viper Tech.
Maybe have the recall done at that time as well.


Are there any hidden things about a 96 that a trained eye should look for other than the typical things?
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congradulations toby!!! as far as you ? i have no idea...
RedSnakeGTS said:
congradulations toby!!!

Thank you. Not a done deal yet but looks solid. :thumb:

as far as you ? i have no idea...

as far as your question(?) i have no idea what to say....that's what i meant
now I get it. duh. :bonk:
I'm jealous...good luck with this one.
Damn you toby for getting one before me! Hope this one works out better!

Spring is a comin /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif
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The cars built before around July or August were recalled to do a couple of minor things. One in particular is the rub guard on the rear interior panel near the seat belt hip anchor. Also take a good look at the door window seals.

Check the service bulletins at the morgue.
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