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getbit said:
Just saw a white/blue stripes Ford GT at the Austin auto show last weekend. Stunning. There were tons of onlookers around it and two looking at the silver SRT-10.
The GT stole the show. The only other hot cars there were the Lotus Elise, the MB CL65, and the other stunner...the Porsche Carrera GT.

I also question who hires the guys who man the booth near these cars. When someone asked if the Porsche Carrera GT was an 11 sec car, the info attendant for Porsche said "uuuuuh, no...I think it's about a 15-16 second car...I don't think they have tested it yet or published information yet..."

Niiiiiice. That's just as bad as when you go ask a question about a watch at a store and the person standing behind the counter *grabs the sign* that's posted about the watch and vaguely looks at it like they're gleaning info that I can't see for myself. Why do people hire someone so incompetant to represent their business??!! Fucking retarded is what that is.

You know what though? That Carrera GT is the hands down hottest car I've ever seen. Just unbelievable. Worlds better than the Enzo or GT.
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