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? for Toby or whoever knows MS F1 diecast

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While unpacking some of my diecast I found this car. I forgot that I had it. I happen to have a bunch of F1 cars packed away. :bonk:

To the car in question, I have a MS #5 Benetton made by Pauls Model Arts. It is part on the MS Presentation Collection and is 1 of 9,999

Do you have any info on this car?

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What scale is it, and I would not mind having that. Dad is going down to brads tomorrow so if you have any type of list put together he will take it down.
What other F1 stuff do you have?
The car is a 1/18 scale

Other F1 cars

2- PMA 1/18 Senna McLaren (sp)

1- PMA 1/43 (I think) MP 4/8 Ford 1993 Senna McLaren in a case

1- Onyx 1/43 (I think) Williams Renault FW15 Senna Test 1994 in case

1- PMA 1/18 Karl Wendlinger (sp) not sure which one, still packed away.

1- 1/14 Bburago (made in Italy) #1 Martini/Essex/Tissot/Valvoline Lotus No box

1- 1/24 #12 Bburago (made in Italy) Senna DeLonghi Turbo Renault Lotus no box

1- 1/24 #15 Bburago (made in Italy) P. Tambay Renault/ELF no box

And other F1 cars packed away yet. Plus all my other cars from NHRA to CART to NASCAR

I am trying to get some cars listed it is just when I take them out I then need to find a place to put them. :doh:

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The Schumacher benetton is mighty tempting so is the 1:18 senna. Dont ya love moving LOL.
The Shuey has a bad "window" on the box. It came loose but I still have it.

The Senna I don't know if I would get rid of. But everything does have a price. I have never even seen one listed for sale on the net, or anywhere for that matter.

Andy, where should I start with a list for your dad? I have so many I don't know where to start. :bonk:

1/64 old Nascar? circa 1992? Give me an idea

Dad says 1:24 nascar starting at 92 would be the easiest to start with, then he said go on from there. The senna is understandable I bet it is booking for a ton and the window on the box is no big deal I have a few boxes where the window has come loose.
Ok I will list some 1/24 Nascar here as it is easy for me to do. Then you can print it or show him it.

Be back with a list in a bit.

Ok thanks

Oh Toby........ /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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How much do you think you would let the schumacher go for??? [image][/image]
I have no idea what is is worth. :bonk:

When I was looking around last night I found nothing but sold out where the price would be for that model. :doh:
Vipergts662 said:
When I was looking around last night I found nothing but sold out where the price would be for that model. :doh:
There is not even one on ebay as I just looked.

It must be real rare.

You might want to consider hanging on to that. The guy my dad knows that has the diecast shop has one and will not sell/trade anything for it.
Well if the price is right everything is for sale. See if he has an idea what it is worth if you could. Thanks.

$100 /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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Can do I think he is going over there tomorrow. Hey craig nice dream you can wake up now. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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$100 USD!!!!
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