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Hello all!

some have expressed concern about the Topeka event only being one day. They have asked for an arrangement to dial the cars in for the elevation and so forth. (Even though it is only one day we will still have equal track time as of a two day event)

I have spoken to the track and we can rent the track beginning at 6 PM and it will be fully Prepped as though it was a race and we can have a 4 hour Test N tune Session or even run the Street tire shoot-out if we choose. However the cost of this would be $2500.00

The Main event is no where near Paid for at this time so I cannot personally Secure this Friday Night Rental. However, if those of you that need the extra Track time will help out with the extra Cash for the Track we can Make this happen.

Remember this is the fastest Track a Viper event has ever been held and it is a good time to take advantage of such a great track.

Let me know your thoughts!
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