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FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (TEXAS).................

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WE SALUTE YOU - the guys driving and trailing from a long ways away: Paolo (IL), SVS (IL), UtahViper (UT), GaryA/Heffner (MD), Macedo/Reasoner/Canal (FL and look who is the pivot man), Big Time Racer Tom Welch (FL) and many others, have a safe drive to TX.

The weather, competion and comraderie should be the BEST!
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Man I wish I was going!!! :rant:

This sucks having to stay here and wait to hear the results. :arcade:

Good luck guys - be safe and I hope no one break parts. y'all have a blast now ya hear! /images/graemlins/thumb1

:eatpop: :eatpop: :eatpop:
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