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Florida boys want to beat up on some \"good old \" Georgia boys!!!

Now that I got all the Georgia Viper's owners attention :hitit:..... We need South Florida there too.
We have one of the finnest tracks in Florida setup for a CHEAP private track rental. This track is the Home of the "Gator Nationals".But you Gerogia folks have to act fast!!!!!Our club has secured a track date of October 11, 2003 for a day of Drag Racing at the Finest drag racing facility in Florida!

The number to call for the central and North Florida VCA is 407-366-0366 and ask for Barb or Gary. We need at least 20 cars to make this event happen. All of you in South Florida and Georgia are invited to run with us if you are a current/paid VCA member for 2003. It's $30.00 for car and driver and crew or guests are $10.00 each. We can take your credit card over the phone for your registration.

"To date we only have 12 cars that have paid to participate. This is not enough cars to hold this event. We need a minimum of 20 cars to participate to make it a success. If we don't get the 20 cars needed we will have to cancel this very special event! :burn:

The event will run from 8AM to 4PM and we have Gainesville International Dragway exclusively to ourselves. Lunch will be provided by the club to local VCA members participating all others will cost $10.00 each. This is a great NHRA track and probably one of the best in the USA. Don't miss a chance to experience Gainesville! :thumb:

The deadline for registration is now 5:00PM, September 5, 2003 ! If you plan to attend, please call the North Florida VCA office and ask to speak with Barb. She will take your information and a credit card will be needed at that time for payment. Only a credit card payment will hold your spot! :idea:

Call today! Thank you."

Ward Reasoner....Cudaman :flag:
Gary Lashinsky
Tom Welch
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