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First Silver SRT in CA!!

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We just took delivery of a 2003 Silver SRT. For anyone that hasn't seen a silver SRT in person, they are sweet. You can really see the lines of the new model clear, pretty stunning, can't wait to get a red here!! Here's a picture


/images/graemlins/headbang.gif /images/graemlins/headbang.gif /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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of course I had to play with it in photoshop...



the white looks great!

im starting to think the SRT will look much better with aggressive rims, lowered as low as possible and stripes.

maybe then it will look like a viper.

clamshell hood would've really helped. craig i love those pics you did. it looked so much more like a viper.

if i could change two things on the srt, i would give it a clamshell hood and add some curves on the rear fenders / quarterpanels. and if it had to be a convertible then i would have a factory roll bar and a hardtop option.
hey i thought this was an interesting article:

its about a LPE 427 Z06 rated at 500 hp / 530 tq

look at the performance numbers: 11.7 @ 124 and 3.4 to 60
0 to 100 in 7 something. i think we were all looking for these kind of numbers from the SRT. wonder why the LPE Z at roughly the same weight and power puts down better numbers? anyone have any ideas?
I really wish this pic was of a red car, you can make it pretty much any color, Can't wait for people to start posting hi-res pics of red.
White looks awesome Craig. Thanks
The white is the best.
That's my baby! Or, was my baby! Glad she arrived safe and sound. And, make sure that y'all explain the dangers of the snake to the new owner since they are new to the Viper fold.
Yep, still wouldn't mind having one. Still like the looks of my GenII more though.
Is this the Silver that came from Houston? If not there are 2 silver ones in Calif. /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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better looking every day, just not as good looking as my ride.
Rumor has it that white is going to be offered in 2004.
getbit said:
better looking every day, just not as good looking as my ride. <hr /></blockquote>

:burn: :burn:
I think that is a very aggressive angle on the Viper, It makes it look much more appealing than prevous SRT's
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