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Firebird w/ \"bolt ons\"

Hey guys,

Here are a few of my more recent encounters with my GTS. First of all, a quick breakdown of my mods : tubes, corsa exhaust, removed cats, k&n, Roe cooling switch, stoptechs. Dyno was somewhere around 460 rwhp from what I recall.

Anyways, I take the Viper out for cruising at a popular spot every once in a while on saturday nights, and I usually don't bother racing. However, I had two young kids following me around in a very loud Firebird, telling me that they would show me what's up. I just ignored them for a while, but then they started revving, and gunning the engine, and doing burnouts at every stoplight, as if I was impressed or something. I gave them a thumbs up, and told them it sounded good, in hopes of feeding their ego enough to let me andmy friend alone to enjoy our cruise. I pulled off on another street that led to my house, and they followed!! Along with a train of 10 other cars!! In front of my house, there is a 3/4 mile street that is very wide, and very deserted, so I finally took the bait, and pulled up to the light with them. They told me they had numerous bolt ons that were enough to "take me", and continued to rev and laugh. I simply idled, and said "We'll see." The light turned green and we both took off slowly to about 20-28 mph and decided to go on three. My friend yelled the count down as well as held his hand out the window for the count down. Honestly I was a little on the nervous side, since I hadn't really had my Viper long, nor really played with it much. When he hit three we both jumped on it, and despite the massive spin, I pulled 2 lengths on him through 1st and nailed second hard for another 3-4 lengths through second. I barely got into 3rd, but it was clear I was now running away from him BAD, and we both let off. He stuck his head out the window when we slowed down, and asked if I wanted to go from a stop, but I declined, since I was so close to my house, and had probably drawn a lot of attention. The other train of cars came rolling over by now and were about to piss their pants going crazy over the way the Viper ran. All in all, a good time. He never would tell me what bolt ons hehad, but I am guessing at least heads/cam from the way it idled, and it had a very quality exhaust note to it.

The week after I had a fun run in with a mitsubishi Mirage..... Yes you read correctly, a MIRAGE. The driver had a bunch of girls in his car, and he was becoming increasingly agitated that they were going crazy over my Viper, so at the light he yells out about how his friend has an 800hp Supra that would smoke me. I said" that's nice, but how pathetic do you have to be to start talking smack about how your FRIEND has a badass car?" He then told me that if his friend raced me for titles, and I lost, and didn't give him the title, he'd take a bat to my car. I told him again I wasn't interested in his imaginary friends car, and this pissed him off, so he now told me his Mirage could probably take my VIPER!!!!!!! I burst out laughing, and asked him what he had done to it. He told me he couldn't tell me, and wouldn't show me the engine so I could steal some ofhis ideas!!!!!!!! My god, I think I needed a change of pants after that! Anyways, just thought I'd share a few recent encounters. Anyone else in the St. Louis area?

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Re: Firebird w/ \"bolt ons\"

Nice stories Cuthere! You've got a VERY strong GTS there if you putting 460 to the rear wheels with essentially a stock setup. Frankly, it sounds too good to be true. In any event, put a "kill story" in your post title and you'll get plenty of views! Welcome to the Alley! :thumb:
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