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I rented the dragstrip at Gateway International Raceway today for a group of 20 of us for a Test & Tune.

Basicly we had the track to ourselves for 5 hours of running as much as your heart desired (and the overbearing heat would allow).

I myself made about 17 runs while attempting to let the car cool down between runs. Kinda hard to get it to cool down with 95 degree temps and high humidity (105 degree heat index).

Ray Moore was the quickest with a mildly modified 2001 Yellow GTS (headers & 3 inch exhaust, etc) with an 11.90 (damn, that means the yellow was the fastest like that).

The best I could muster on just motor was a 12.24 @ 115 mph. (still have manifolds with 3 inch exhaust).

Well, after about 8 passes on the motor it was time to spray it.
I had re-dynoed it on monday to make sure the rpm window switch on the nitrous was working, it dynoed at 567.7 RWHP. About a 15 HP gain from the last dyno.

Spraying it netted me an 11.24 @ 125 mph which was the quickest Viper of the day (although the elusive high 10 second run I was hoping for evaded me for now).
Ahh well, I'm hoping to get it in the 10's with cooler weather. /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif

There were faster cars there, a 440 powered rail that ran 7.50's, a 69 Road Runner with a 340 (yes I said 340) that ran 10.55, a 70 Dodge Challenger that ran 10.85 (another small block), and a big block Chevelle that ran 10.70's. (real race cars).

Everyone had a good time and nobody broke anything major, all in all it was a great day. :burn:
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