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Finally, a supercharger solution for all you Gen I Viper owners!!!

This supercharger kit contains everything you need to push your stock Gen I Viper to 750 hp! The long wait is finally over and as a introductory offer, I am going to include free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States for my first 10 orders. Also, to make the offer more enticing, the fist 10 orders will receive the Gen I Viper supercharger kit for $9,995.00 ($1000.00 less than retail price!!!) Please act quickly though, because I am only offering this price to the first 10 customers. This kit includes:

1. Novi 2000 supercharger
2. 1/2'' billet aluminum bracket
3. Aluminum discharge tubes
4. Fuel control unit w/2 supplementary injectors
5. K & N air filter
6. Blow off valve
7. Oil lines
8. Radiator tube relocation
8. Drive belt tensioner
9. All hardware and fasteners
10. Boost gauge
11. Instruction manual

At this stage there is only one alternative for you Gen I guys looking for safe, reliable hp from a supercharger kit, and that kit costs $17,995.00. Therefore, with this being such a hot-ticket item I would ask that you please contact me ASAP with your questions and orders.

[email protected]

* Please be advised that all orders are custom made and will be fabricated to order.

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This fucker has posted this like 10 times already. They got pissed at him over at the Morg for doing this.

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Bill Pemberton said:
I would imagine most folks will just go with DLM, Heffner, Dan Cragin, etc., as so far this is another new, mystery seller, and we tend to go with the tried and true Tuners that have been around and supported us for awhile.
Geeze Bill...ya think? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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